Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Improve productivity of mobile employees

Whether they are across town or across the globe, your architects and engineers need to access their graphics-intensive applications and files. With a virtual desktop infrastructure, you can empower them to quickly share and collaborate no matter where they are.

IBM Cloud is teaming with NVIDIA and NetApp to deliver accelerated virtual desktops with best-in-class graphics and storage, making content available to any user, anywhere—all from a secure global cloud. .

Secure from
loss or theft

Protect valuable content in flight and at rest with confidence.

Flexible, agile
& efficient

Choose from multiple computing and storage options in global data centers.


Quickly configure and scale
standardized resources.

The IBM Cloud virtual desktop infrastructure is designed to offer virtually unmatched capabilities to create and easily share graphics-intensive applications and files remotely. Our solution combines industry-leading services from:


Enterprise on-demand cloud compute power, including high-performing bare metal server options, coupled with 10 GBps private and public network links and unmetered data connections between 46 global data centers.

NetApp block and file storage

Performance or Endurance storage options that span from capacity-driven to high transaction-driven performance levels, and enhanced data protection from efficiency snap shots and replication.


Offloads graphics processing from the CPU to the GPU and allows multiple users to access and share the graphics processing power of a single GPU.

Our solution can meet the needs of professionals using a range of products:

Teamcenter Siemens Autodesk Maya
Autodesk/AutoCAD SOLIDWORKS 3DExcite
Adobe Creative Cloud   Petrel

Keep content secure from loss or theft

Your or your client’s confidential important content remains protected inside the IBM Cloud with virtual desktop environments running inside one of our more than 40 global data centers. You don’t need to keep local copies as files can be easily moved between these data centers at no cost—perfect for secure file transfers and project handoffs among globally distributed teams.

You also have a choice of disaster recovery, and continuous data availability options, plus the ability to track all account activity down to the serial numbers of your hard drives through the SoftLayer customer portal. And when your project is complete and you are done with your data, SoftLayer uses U.S. Department of Defense standard processes to wipe it from our servers and storage.

Gain a flexible, agile & efficient platform

Our solution supports streamlined collaboration among in-house and field teams by eliminating organizational and geographic borders. Using NVIDIA GPU technology, output from a graphics-intensive application, content or video can be displayed on standard laptops or mobile devices, so content creators can interact with the application and data with no latency, and reviewers can make suggestions and approve content regardless of their location in the world.

And the architecture can quickly scale up or down to meet demand. For storage, choose capacity, storage type, performance characteristics and quality of service (QoS) levels. For more compute horsepower or graphics seats, simply add more compute and NVIDIA GRID cards through the SoftLayer customer portal.

Simplify management of your infrastructure

SoftLayer’s industry-leading standardization and automation mean you can have a new infrastructure up and running in far less time than an on-premises solution. Choose from a range of on-demand network and compute options— including bare metal servers that offer virtually unmatched performance. It’s all easily managed from our customer portal where you can configure standardized user profiles. These same server images can then be used across multiple machines versus building custom images. And with de-duplication, compression and cloning technologies available in NetApp Endurance or Performance block and file storage services, you gain greater efficiency.

Create Your Own VDI Solution

Build the solution you need and only pay for the infrastructure that it requires. These are the typical components you’ll find in a virtual desktop infrastructure.

Bare Metal Servers

Gain the virtually unmatched power of bare metal plus scalability ease with Dual Processor Intel Xeon 2620 v3, 2650 v3, 2690 v3.

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Virtualization Platform

Customize RAM and CPU configurations on dedicated servers to gain optimal I/O speeds for specific database applications.

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Empower users with superior graphics processing available through dedicated GPU resources: NVIDIA Tesla M60.

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Add secure, high-performing NetApp Endurance or Performance block storage.

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