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IBM Cloud Opens
Data Center in Oslo
Sign up for a server or service in our Oslo data center and receive up to US$1000 off* your first order.
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Expires January 17, 2017
With the opening of its new data center in Oslo, SoftLayer is the first to offer high-performance cloud resources from an enterprise-grade data center in the Nordics. Security, flexibility, scalability—it’s all here. Build your cloud infrastructure on a platform close to home, and expand it on our network around the globe.
Actually, It’s Not Just about Cloud

You're passionate about keeping your business relevant. Transformation is not just about new ways of doing business, but staying ahead of disruptive competition and dynamic customers. With IBM Cloud, you focus on innovation, while we handle the infrastructure. Here’s how.

Build on What You’ve Got: Go Turbo with SoftLayer's Hybrid Cloud
SoftLayer’s hybrid cloud helps you integrate the best of your current infrastructure with world-class cloud technology. And with our new state-of-the-art data center in Oslo, you can store your data within the Nordic region.

Global and Local: The Best of Both
You've started small but you’re thinking big. The Nordic region is a magnet for startups. Share your innovations with the world using SoftLayer’s hybrid cloud technology—and still keep your data in the Nordic region.

Rest Assured, We're Secure
Does your industry have unique security concerns? No worries! IBM Cloud provides a secure solution for your business—one anchored in deep experience and in alignment with industry and government security standards. With our new data center in Oslo, your data’s reassuringly close by.

Integration for Transformation
SoftLayer provides a completely integrated cloud solution. Bare metal servers, virtual servers, and other services seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. This cloud solution scales on demand.

Seamless Global Network
Our advanced triple-layer, high-speed network includes public, private, and management networks, so you can deploy bare metal in Oslo, virtual in Amsterdam or Dallas, and your infrastructure performs like they are in the same rack. Data traffic between our data centers and on our network is also free.

Start with Bare Metal

Expand ANY on-premise workload to IBM Cloud with 100% free choice of software stack from hypervisor to application.

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Start with Virtual

Configure virtual servers for your variable, short-term, or flexible workloads and have them online in minutes.

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Use promo code
OSLO1000 for the Oslo data center
"Implementing a hybrid cloud solution allows us to expand our data centers to other locations in Europe and Japan, while also using cloud's flexibility to quickly support growing demand. As a result, we achieved 95 percent faster deployment with provisioning reduced from three months to less than a day."
Finn Arne Gangstad - Infrastructure Architect, Cxense ASA
SoftLayer’s global network is growing.

We’re adding to our footprint of data centers and PoPs around the world. Take a look at where we are and where we will be soon.

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*Promo code expires January 17, 2017. Limit one promo code use per customer only. Discount is good for up to US$1000 off any SoftLayer server or service, in new IBM Cloud Oslo data center only. Cannot be combined with other offers. For more information on this offer, please read the FAQ or contact a sales representative.