Oslo Data Center Promo FAQ


US$1000 off your first order

This document lists the details of the OSLO1000 promo code and answers the frequently asked questions we receive from customers. If you would like more information, please chat with a sales representative or call +31 20 308 0540.

LocationPromo CodeExpiration Date:
OsloOSLO1000December 12, 2016

Promotion Summary:

Promo code expires on December 12, 2016. Limit one promo code use per customer only. Discount is good for up to US$1000 off monthly SoftLayer servers or services on the first order in the new Oslo data center only. Cannot be combined with other offers.

What do I get for using the promo code?

By using the OSLO1000 promo code, you are able try monthly SoftLayer servers and services in our Oslo data center. The promo code removes the fees for those servers and services ordered, including all applicable taxes and surcharges, up to US$1000. However, the US$1000 promotional offer is limited and has certain restrictions. Please read the rest of this document for more details.

Is the offer limited to any particular servers or services?

The OSLO1000 promo code is only valid for servers and services that are charged by the month. The promotion is not valid for any servers and services that are charged by the hour.

When can I start placing orders with the promo code?

The OSLO1000 promo code is active from Sept 12 until it expires on Dec 12, 2016.

To take advantage of the offer, does it matter whether I am a new or existing customer?

Both new and existing customers can use the offer on SoftLayer.com. To activate/ use this offer using SLIC please contact your sales representative.

What does it mean that the offer is based on billing cycles for existing customers?

The offer is based on billing cycle. In order for existing customers to take the full advantage of the offer, we advise you to order on the first day of your billing cycle. Once your new billing cycle starts, you will be charged the full amount for the order you placed. New customers’ billing cycle start on the first day of your first order.

Can I use the promo code during any timeframe?

The OSLO1000 promo code will only apply to the first order for the month/first billing cycle in which you place the order, between 12 Sept and 12 Dec.

Can I use the OSLO1000 promo code more than once during that first month/billing cycle?

No. Once you’ve activated the promo code, it can only be applied to your first order.

I have already used the promo code to order a service. Can I reuse the promo code for different services?

No. The offer is restricted to only one use per one customer.

When is the last day I can use the promo code?

The OSLO1000 promo code expires on December 12 2016. The discount will then apply to the rest of your billing cycle up to 11 Jan, 2017.

What happens at the end of the promo period?

To continue using the SoftLayer servers or services you ordered with the promo code, no action is required. Billing will automatically occur for the next billing cycle. If you wish to discontinue the SoftLayer servers and services ordered and used during the promo period, you must log in to your account in the SoftLayer customer portal and deactivate those servers and services before your next billing cycle begins.

Can I combine the OSLO1000 promo code with other offers and promo codes?

No. The OSLO1000 promo code may not be combined with other offers.

If I order servers and/or services of a total value less than $1000, do I receive a credit?

No. The total discounted value can be up to US$1000 on the first order only. The promo code can be used one time for the first month/first billing cycle of service only. If you order less than US$1000 worth of servers or services, the remainder will not carry over into the next billing cycle.

Where can I get more information on the offer?

For more information about this promotion, please chat with a sales representative by using the chat function on www.softlayer.com or call +31 20 308 0540.

I am a Business Partner. Is this promo offer available for use by my customers too?

Yes, our partner ecosystem is very important to our go-to-market strategy especially in the Nordic countries (in particular, Norway). If you are a Business Partner with a SoftLayer infrastructure services agreement directly through SoftLayer or an IBM Value Added Distributor, you may also leverage the promo for your customers too.

Simply go to your SoftLayer control portal, select the desired monthly services as you would normally, and then use the promo code on checking out. The same terms and conditions as explained above apply, but your customers must work directly with you to take advantage of the promo.

If you have questions, contact your IBM Value Added Distributor or Business Partner sales representative for more information. For example, in a few cases, if you have just set up a new Sub Brand account, we might have to activate it first. We appreciate you.

Key contacts include (in case you do not know your Business Partner sales representative):

  • Antti Partanen (antti.partanen[at]fi.ibm[dot]com), Nordic countries
  • Linda Van Den Heuvel (LindaHeuvel[at]nl.ibm[dot]com), Europe

Or contact us online and explain what's needed in the "Comments" section. (Be sure to select the most relevant Channel Sales department.)