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Digital Realty Direct Link Colocation

Enabling the foundation for hybrid cloud

The Direct Link Colocation solution, offered jointly by IBM SoftLayer and Digital Realty, establishes redundant, high-speed private connections to customer-owned network equipment, storage and compute infrastructure.

Choosing to collocate at Digital Realty's supported data center campuses enables fast, simple and secure connections with Direct Link Colocation.


Move data to and from your on premise data center across 1Gbps or 10Gbps network connections.


Protect your sensitive, business-critical data by controlling every hop of its network path.


Experience world-class support for data center deployments backed by Digital Realty data center expertise.

Our Partnership at a Glance

Digital Realty provides an ideal combination of power, space and pricing to expand the global IBM Data Center footprint. Together, we’re able to deliver top-quality on-demand cloud data centers, hosting services and Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings.

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Digital Realty Direct Link Colocation Availability

Direct Link Colo with Digital Realty is currently available in five markets: Santa Clara, CA; Dallas, TX; Ashburn, VA; London, England; Melbourne, Australia; with more locations to be added in the future.

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Service Exchange

Through its new Services Exchange platform, Digital Realty offers IBM SoftLayer customers a way to virtualize cross connects as quickly and easily as the IBM SoftLayer platform creates virtual infrastructure. Delivered through MegaPort, Services Exchange enables businesses of all sizes to future-proof their private and hybrid cloud deployments with fast, secure, pay-as-you-go access to partners, customers and service providers throughout North America.

Service-Exchange-FullHD from Digital Realty on Vimeo.

Expert Lag Reduction

IBM & Digital Realty Colocation solutions cuts latency to less than 1.5 milliseconds, while preserving the integrity and security of the customer deployment